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Monique, Leon and Bikkel

Hi Ramona,

How are you doing? I was thinking of you, so I decided to send you an email.

We would let you know that we’re so happy with Bikkel. She’s a wonderful girl and so enthousiast! We’re loving her more everyday.

She grows like hell, she is already 49 cm and in the puppy training by far the largest Labrador. She loves to go to puppytraining and learns so quickly. So good to see that she likes to work for you.

And fors ure she has the sportive assets of her mother, so great. She walks a lot already and is very brave to other dogs but also respectfull.

Thank you for trusting us having one of your amazing puppies. Our live is now so much richer with her.

She goes to the daycare 2 days a week when we have to work outside house. And she can’t wait to go there and play with her friends. We receive a lot of compliments of people how beautiful she is. Most people don’t recognize her as al Labrador, because of her foxred colour and her beautiful shape and her long legs.

My parents are stil so impressed of your beautiful Labrador Zucht and the professional way of leading it. And Leon and I are stil lso greatfull that we had the chance to meet you.

Big hug from us and Bikkel. And a lot of hugs for your Labbibande as well.



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